6 Refreshment options where to eat traditional Tuscan

Where to eat traditional tuscan

For us hikers you can never refuse a beer, a snack or a meal after a trail. For such reason we have decided to to share with your our favourite spots outside the city walls, that satisfy our palate more than our eyes and that maintain the atmosphere of once upon a time.


Where to eat traditional tuscan



Agnoletti is located in San Godenzo, a small borough of the Apennines between Tuscany and Romagna, just a few km away from the Mugello and the Val di Sieve, on the route that brings you to the Pass of the Muraglione. The restaurant is very essential; it is typical mountain tavern where you can even spend the night. There is no written menu and the food reflects the traditional flavours such as lasagne, tagliatelle, taglierini, potato tortelli and ravioli with meat sauces (ragout, wild boar, duck) and mushrooms; roast and barbecued meat. The only recommendation we have is for the size of the portions that are so filling to hurdle even the most persistent palate.

Ristorante/Albergo AGNOLETTI
Via Forlivese 64
San Godenzo, FI




On the Provincial Road 101, in the middle of the heart of the Montagnola, Donato and Donata is the perfect place to, fill your stomach and breathe fresh and fuzzy countryside air.
Their specialities include the mixed meat barbecue that is cooked on real wood ashes and the sunflowers a hand made pasta with a ricotta and spinach filling with ragout or Donata’s tomato sauce. Yummy!
Donata and her son are always kind and polite and even the wine and homemade cakes are delicious! They also open in the afternoons if you’re looking for a savoury snack made of ham, cheese and bread in the middle of the unique Montagnola scenery.

Donato e Donata
Strada provinciale 101/B di Montemaggio
Sovicille, SI



The restaurant Al Lago is located in Corniolo in the Middle of the Casentino Forest National Park, Mount Falterona and Campigna in the Province of Forlì that faces Romagna. As soon as you enter the restaurant you get the feeling that you are in a timeless place: a 1950’s counter, a stone built chimney, family portraits. Every single decoration item makes you feel that you’re in someone sitting room rather than a restaurant! The place is family managed, the pasta is handmade and the mushrooms and herbs used to make the filling of the tortelli are picked directly by the owners.
The portions are very generous and the menu varies in function of the season’s products. Our favourite dishes are those with mushrooms: fried, raw in salad, cooked in oil, garlic and parsley. After a meal here you have the feeling that you have the forest in your tummies.

Ristorante al Lago
Via Nuova
Corniolo, FC



Chiassaia is a minor mountain borough that is located on the Pratomagno hills not far from Loro Ciuffenna. The small store has its origins from Lady Pia’s food shop in the middle of the 1970’s and has become over the course of the years a reference point for the lovers of food breaks. The white flatbread pizza is made in the wood oven and is filled at the moment with cured meats and cheeses produced in the local farms. After you will have tried it, you will agree with us: there is nothing like this unique white flatbread pizza!

La Bottega di Chiassaia
Località Chiassaia
Loro Ciuffenna, AR



The Dopolavoro La Foce was inaugurated in 1939 as a meeting point for the farmers of the Farm La Foce a few kilometres away from Chianciano and Pienza. This place was not originally designed as a restaurant, but the atmosphere is so pleasant and the renovation so detailed that you still have the feeling to hear the happy chattering of the people who anciently would come here to have a glass of wine and play bocce in the shadow of the linden trees.
Despite the place is opened all day, we recommend to stop over in the afternoon for a snack and order the bico. The bico is a sort of white flatbread pizza made with flour, water, yeast, olive oil, and a pinch of salt and cooked in wood-fired oven. It’s a type of very basic bread with ancient origins and that today it’s enriched with cured meats, cheese and vegetable fillings. At the Dopolavoro, the fillings are very creative; we enjoyed mostly the bellaria and the salarco, accompanied with an amber home crafted beer.

Dopolavoro La Foce
Strada provinciale 40 Amiata-Chianciano, 90
Pienza, SI


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