Mountain Bike Trails in Tuscany

Mountain Bike Trails in Tuscany

With no time or placement restriction and the absence of competitiveness, bike trails represent a wider concept compared to the traditional Mountain Bike disciplines. Just imagine riding a bike in the middle of the stunning Tuscan landscapes with no time constrains.

In France, similar experiences have led Mountain Biking to become one of the most popular leisure activities and now this trend is gaining importance also in Germany and Italy.

Moving away from tarmac roads and engine vehicle routes, you are suddenly exposed to new and unexpected boundaries made of unpaved tracks and panoramic routes that cross, forests, mountains, paths and single country tracks. With the Mountain Bike intrepid downhill’s and uphill’s are no longer a hurdle and the desire to pedal in far away lands and to discover uncommon destinations is emphasized. It’s with this spirit of adventure that we want to encourage you to explore with us closer and more distant destinations.

Discovering together the landscapes that surround Siena and Florence, the Tuscan Coast and Islands, the Chianti hills and the Apennines and the valleys pedalling in good company and light-hearted, welcoming the sun, wind and rain as travel companions.

From a short trail to longer distances, the excursion can be easy and touristy but also challenging and technical. There is no reason to fear tiredness!
There will be plenty of stopovers in which you can recover your energies and learn more about the landscape we are crossing by bike. Sometimes pushing or carrying the bikes can be the solution to access breath-taking panoramas.
From a technical standpoint the Mountain Bike should preferably have front suspensions and full (front and rear) suspensions in case of bumpy, stony and off track trails.

With no performance obligation, weight and efficiency are not paramount’s for short distance trails but they can be on longer distances and more complex terrains. Key equipment should include helmet, gloves, a waterproof jacket and fabric patched shorts to make your day on the bike seat more confortable. In warmer periods you should also remember to include sun block to avoid getting burnt and sunglasses.

You should also make sure that you carry with you enough water and something to eat regularly such as energy bars, gel, and dry fruit to avoid sugar crashes and low-pressure episodes. We will treat this subject in further depth in the following articles on biking, stay tuned until then!

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